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Jess Bonham & Anna Lomax Jess Bonham & Anna Lomax

Jess Bonham & Anna Lomax

Photographer & Set Designer

Jess Bonham is a photographer and artist based in London, UK. Her work frequently brings together playful pattern, tantalizing textures, and fantastical forms to create unexpected juxtapositions. After discovering the potential for incorporating photography within mixed media collages, the illustration graduate went on to develop and adapt her technique to work entirely within the camera and, more recently, moving image. The photographer’s striking aesthetic has attracted commissions from Selfridges, Kenzo, and Belvedere, as well as publications such as AnOther, British Vogue, and Twin.

Anna Lomax is an artist and designer based in London, UK. A self-proclaimed obsessive collector, she is fascinated by pop-culture and the idea of the readymade. Her work is inspired by the old, the new, the mundane and humorous and often questions the notion of luxury. She has worked on a range of design and installation projects including retail spaces & windows for Selfridges & Darkroom, and experiential events for Converse. Moving image projects include art direction and set design for clients such as AnOther Magazine, Kenzo, and Clarks.

Conversation, 2018 Photographic print

Focusing on moments of connection between individual wholes, blocks were used to convey the idea of collective thought. The individual elements look strong and sturdy, as though they should normally sit independently upright. Yet, as they lean in to one another, there is a feeling of friendliness and collaboration. A mysterious glow is cast onto neighboring surfaces, suggesting a kind of chemistry between elements when they come together.

Collective, 2018 Photographic print

Conversation, 2018 Photographic print

The composition depicts shapes and colours overlapping and responding to one another, as if in conversation. The intention was to translate ideas of community, interaction and inspiration, as the separate colours and shapes connect within a single space, creating something richer and more beautiful than their individual parts.

Conversation, 2018 Photographic print

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