The Canvas Project

By Nik Mirus & Camille Boyer

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Nik Mirus & Camille Boyer Nik Mirus & Camille Boyer

Nik Mirus & Camille Boyer

Photographer & Art Director

Nik Mirus is a photographer whose work is characterized by a clean, graphic and colourful aesthetic. Whether in collaboration with art directors or working on personal projects, he enjoys the tactile and constructive aspects of studio-based photography. Through the conceptualization of images, buildings, and lighting sets, he takes great pleasure in building images from the ground up. Mirus shoots for a variety of editorial, fashion, and advertising clients and is based in Montreal.

Camille Boyer is an art director and set designer specializing in editorial, advertising, and fashion. Bold, contemporary, and highly graphic, her work features a unique, evocative quality. Her keen eye for details and model-making skills brings to life powerful design narratives, always focusing on the aesthetic balance between composition, form, and color.

Coming Together

A collection of geometric shapes are separated on curved plinths. When the plinths come together like puzzle pieces, the shapes are free to interact with each other, forming a minimalist sculpture. The intent behind this piece was to represent individuals working at a distance, joining together to create something unique and larger than themselves.

Coming Together

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